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GetGlue just made me realize . . .



I watch a LOT of television.  I rarely actually “watch” anything–I keep up to date with all of the must-watch shows (and those little television elves are talented and BUSY) by having the television on running the DVR of the shows that are must-watch to be a relevant person in 2012.

Here’s the worst (maybe not the worst) part–I feel a sense of accomplishment when I can “delete” a show from the DVR.  I get some sort of satisfaction  out of wading my way through the maze of visual chick-let, pseudo-news and mindless drivel that is my DVR lineup.  When the percentage of space used drops below, say, 60%, I am

In my defense, I do try to balance the drivel with a lot of History/Biography/Discovery shows.  I can kill a man, bury him in an ancient ruin, dig up and analyze the remains and then write his biography.  This worries my husband just a little.  I love the Smithsonian Channel and the Science channel.  I have seen the Stephen Hawking “There is no God” episode several times.  Well, I’ve heard it.  My favorite of ALL shows is “Ancient Aliens”.  Don’t even get me started on the Ancient Aliens debate.  I have actually WATCHED every episode. I am such a geek.

Am I wasting my time?  I don’t think so.  I feel it’s similar to our ancestors hanging in the town square and catching all the 411, heading over to catch a bawdy Shakespearean tragedy or comedy and then hitting the local pub after and getting all the news of the day.  It’s the same thing, but on a global level.  It’s also a bit of  anthropological experiment:  what the psyche of the American (man, woman, teen) in 2012.  What are the trends, what is acceptable, what do we as a culture aspire to achieve?

Now, if you believe that, then you are as delusional as I can sometimes be.  I just like the stories.  I have the room in my minutiae-filled brain to accommodate all of the pop-television information I can jam in there.  What can I say — I love television.